Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh, What Beautiful Gardens!

While weeding the garden plot I share with Gretchen Baune on Thursday morning this past week, I overheard and viewed a young teacher talking about and demonstrating how to turn basil into a wonderful pesto that they all helped create (and ate). My mundane task was much more enjoyable due to her enthusiasm for what she was doing and the exciting interaction with her 4-5 students.
Our garden plot experienced a terrible problem with potato bugs, and as we saw the problem reach out to the neighboring potatoes and tomatoes, we uprooted them and planted flowers instead. We have a very healthy and prolific tomato crop (eight plants) and our zucchini, beets, green peppers, parsley, basil and green beans are all doing very well. We are especially fond of our zinnias for cutting purposes and bringing them indoors. I hope everyone is enjoying their gardening work this summer - it looks like we will have large payoffs for our efforts!
Shirley Hansen

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