Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh Deer.

The garden leadership team met last week and discussed possibilities that could help with the deer problem at the garden. In the meantime, what's happening in your garden plot? Which plants are the deer favoring and what are they leaving alone? If you are doing something that is helping to ward off the deer, please comment and share so we can get some individual ideas circulating.


  1. I put up a pole bean teepee on the "Dirt-to-Dinner" plot, and early in the season the deer almost decimated it ... they ate all the leaves off the center portion. But now they seem to be leaving it alone, and there are plenty of beans. Does anyone else notice a drop-off in the deer activity?

  2. Charlie, where did you get the bird-netting that you are using for deer-proofing? That seems to work well.